Garden Cuttings

Green or garden waste is a form of household waste consisting of grass clippings, flower cuttings, hedge trimmings and leaves. We encourage you to compost this waste. Click this link to learn more about composting.


If you insist on discarding your green waste, it needs to be bagged separately and put out for collection along with the rest of your household waste.  Be reminded that only two (2) bags of green waste will be collected per household on each collection day. Remaining bags must be properly stored until next collection day.


  • A maximum of two (2) bags of garden cuttings per household per collection day will be collected from residents. Please note that garden waste MUST be bagged.


  • Only cuttings that do not obstruct the compaction mechanism of the truck will be collected.
  • Larger cuttings such as tree trunks are NOT the responsibility of the Authority. They are not to be placed in the compactors for normal residential collections.