The enforcement of the National Solid Waste Act is critical to the NSWMA’s efforts of ensuring proper waste disposal by citizens. The Act mandates that the Authority takes the necessary steps for the effective management of solid waste in Jamaica. This in order to safeguard public health as well as the collection, transportation, re-use and recycling of waste in an environmentally sound manner. The Enforcement and Compliance Department is tasked with this responsibility.

NSWMA’s enforcement activities have been bolstered by the acquisition of two (2) Toyota Hilux pick-up trucks in February, 2019. The trucks were donated by the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) to increase the visibility and mobility of the enforcement teams and to further aid the Authority in its bid to enforce the NSWMA Act. One unit was assigned to the WPM Waste Management Limited (Western region) and the other to the NEPM Waste Management Limited (North Eastern region).

The Department will be further strengthened with the implementation of the NSWMA Public Cleansing Regulations, The Disposal of Solid Waste Facilities Regulations and the Hazardous Waste Regulations (e-waste). These Regulations, once enacted will arm the Authority with more teeth for enforcement. They will also provide a foundation to improve solid waste management practices locally and educate the wider public on these best practices.

Come 2020, the general public will see increased improvement in the way solid waste is being managed locally and the Authority welcomes your support in helping us to achieve this required outcome. After all, Jamaica’s Beauty Is Our Duty!