The National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) is pleased to announce that we have submitted our completed annual report and unqualified consolidated audited financial statements within the statutory time required for financial year 2018/19. The documents were presented today to the Honourable Desmond McKenzie, Minister of Local Government and Community Development. 

This is a significant achievement in the life of the Authority, having been plagued by long outstanding audited financials and annual reports. Just two years ago, there were nine years of audited financial statements outstanding.

Executive Director of the NSWMA, Audley Gordon, in commenting on this progress stated, “I am extremely happy to be at the helm of the NSWMA at this important moment in our history. This was indeed a combined effort by the staff on all levels, especially our Finance Department and most importantly, board leadership that is second to none.”

The NSWMA realizes that there is still much to do in order to deliver the level of service needed to the public. One of our primary objectives is to achieve once weekly collection, on average, throughout the country.

Although we continue to be hampered by inadequate funding and a lack of supportive legislation, these are actively being worked on. There is a move to acquire 100 new trucks under a lease arrangement, transfer stations, and finalization of our Public Cleansing and E-Waste Regulations for implementation by the end of 2019.

For this, we want to express our gratitude to Minister McKenzie who has been a strong supporter of our efforts, and without whom we would not have achieved much of what we have done.

Mr. Dennis Chung, Chairman of the Board of the Directors of the Authority, stated his appreciation for the work being done at the company. “I am extremely proud and honoured at this time to be Chairman of one of the most critical organizations in our society. When we started this journey four years ago, there was a lot to be done and the task seemed overwhelming. I want to express my sincere appreciation to Audley Gordon and the staff members at the Authority for their tremendous leadership and support of our objectives.” Mr. Chung also thanked his fellow board members for working tirelessly to achieve their strategic objectives and making the NSWMA an example of good corporate governance. 

The public bodies management and accountability act states inter alia under section 3 that “as soon as possible after the end of each financial year, but not more than four months thereafter, the board of a public body shall submit the annual report including the financial statements of the public body to the responsible minister.”



Mr. Dennis Chung 

Chairman, Board of Directors 

National Solid Waste Management Authority